How does HR conduct background checks on employees?How to deal with discrepancies in back tone results?

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Many enterprises pay more and more attention to reducing the risk of employing people, and carry out key positions or certain positions员工Background checkTo ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the information provided by the candidates, thereby reducing the wrong judgment in the selection of false information provided by the candidates, which will bring losses to the company。

Employee background checkThe target is usually a candidate in the company's recruitment process, and sometimes it is a regular employee of the company;The investigator, which may be a headhunter, may also be a specialized third-party backtracking company or platform, orHRThe back of the person。那HRWhat should I do when doing an employee background check?

常规HRThe back tone process is as follows:

The first step is to prepare the back tone table

Then inform the candidate that they need to do a back tune and ask for it2-3The position of the backpacker and his/her position relationship and contact information shall be authorized

Then telephone to ask the back tuner back table related problems or fax request back to fill in the complete back tuner table

Finally, the backtone information is different from the original information. If there is any inconsistency between the information provided by the backtone person and the information provided by the candidate, it needs to be supplemented and verified

The contents of the investigation generally include: education and degree information, crime information, starting of working hours, position information, job content information, salary information, getting along with colleagues, reasons for leaving, advantages and disadvantages, rewards and punishments。

Finally, Xiaobian to remind you that the completion of the back tune is not OK, such as the completion of a circle of back tune, and finally found that the information out of the back tune and the information provided by the applicant is very different, what should you do?Here Shimai headhunters suggest:

1, the entry and departure time error is less than1A month, that's understandable;

2The total revenue error is10%Within, that's understandable;

3Work attitude and other subjective evaluation is not good, ask someone else;

4There are differences in positions, change people to ask;

5Breach of contract or agreement, shall not be appointed;

6Violate the law and do not appoint;

7Hide information and decide after investigation;

8Have unexplicable information, investigate clearly and then decide;

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wonderHRHow to do it in detailEmployee background check吗?Those details need attention when reciting。Please pay attention to Shimai medical headhunting。

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