How important background checks are for employers?

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Employee background surveyWhen recruiting talents, the human resources department should investigate the past work experience, work performance, attitude and salary of job-seekers in a reasonable way and through channels, or directly ask headhunting companies to recommend themEmployee background check。以获We need more real information about our employees。As a basis for enterprise talent decision-making。

Due to the lack of employment before employmentBackground checkThere are countless companies that have caused their companies to suffer huge losses。In many enterprises in the Pearl River Delta, such phenomena as theft by warehouse staff, corruption by financial staff and kickbacks by purchasing staff often occur。Some illegal employees even think that there are more enterprises in the Pearl River Delta, and if they have done a case in this enterprise, they can escape to another enterprise to do their "old business".。Is it not news in the purchasing world that several purchasing executives "go from wage earner to millionaire" every year。Therefore, in the enterprise recruitment, the enterprise should carry outEmployee background check

For example, Evergrande Real Estate, Gezhouba and many other large enterprises in order to reduce the risk caused by the recruitment of talents, they will hire employees for core technical positions such as manager level and middle and senior leadership positionsBackground checkEven entrust a professional background investigation agency with a large amount of money, so as to provide an objective and true reference basis for human resource managers to hire employees, and avoid economic and technical losses and risks caused by improper recruitment of employees。

所以Employee background checkThis is especially important for recruiters。HR通过Employee background checkBy mastering the work history and situation of employees and understanding the degree of integrity of employees, the company can reduce the potential risks in capital, technical secrets, and employee flow。Avoid unnecessary reputation loss caused by enterprises and companies。It improves the hiring success rate of the enterprise's recruitment needs, saves the cost of human resources of the enterprise, and provides the data support of talent security for other work of the company's human resources。

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