Core advantage

  • Fastest on-board period

  • Medium and high-end positions

  • Senior executive search consultant

  • Recruitment success rate

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Hospital care
  • Biological domain
  • Medical device
  • Chemical health care

    Service process

    Quality and efficiency, customer first
    • 01 Business order

      Contact companies at any time Import the system according to the needs of employees

    • 02 Consultant Connection

      Within 1 hour of the company's order, senior consultants will connect with the company about job description, recruitment plan, project time and guarantee

    • 03 Evaluation Scheme

      Scientific analysis of the customer's region, industry and customer recruitment positions, corporate culture, the development of talent search plan

    • 04 Hurry to hunt

      Sketch a portrait of talent, search 360º through databases, networks of contacts, and specialized skills for selection and filtering

    • 05 Continuous service

      Shimai consultants provide free follow-up support to ensure that candidates continue to serve the enterprise

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    地址: Teda Times, No. 1288, Tianfu Avenue North, Chengdu

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