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Innovative technology patent enterprises, new drug certificate enterprises, thousand talents Plan enterprises, New third board enterprises, GEM enterprises, Shimei has entrepreneurial enterprise service teams in various key cities and industrial parks, segmented according to different functions, providing professional directional recruitment, team building, resource borrowing, business hosting services。

Start-up enterprises such as pharmaceutical research and development enterprises, diagnostic reagent enterprises, biological therapy enterprises, medical technology service enterprises, Internet medical, health management enterprises, hospital medicine Internet +, recruitment The most important thing is to consider how the enterprise self-positioning and recruitment talent positioning,Fixed position,There are fewer detours in the hiring process,Recruitment speed,Recruitment is steady,Ability to use technology and resources to the fullest,Teams work together in harmony。

Seeing many startups succeed, grow, mature, develop, and go public, we feel gratified, gain a sense of accomplishment, and promote further win-win cooperation。

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