[Background investigation] The most detailed back adjustment process and precautions, please accept it。

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Now more and more enterprises will conduct a certain background check on job seekers before employing them, especially for senior executives, senior technical personnel, and positions involving funds, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive background check on candidates to prevent mistakes in the work and cause losses to the enterprise。Let's take a look at background checks。

Purpose of background check

The ultimate purpose of background investigation is to get to know the job seekers through background investigation, get more comprehensive information about the job seekers, and find out the situation of the job seekers until they can really understand the job seekers。通过Background checkOn the one hand, you can understand the personal information of the applicant and find out whether the applicant has bad records in the past;On the other hand, the honesty of the candidate can also be tested。Therefore, a thorough review of all the information of the applicant will help to select the right candidate。

Second, the timing of background checks

It is usually carried out for those who pass the second interview背调In this way, the workload is relatively less, but for senior management posts, it is best to carry out back adjustment after the initial examination, so as to provide favorable support for the second examination;It is best to arrange the back time in the middle period between the end of the interview and before the job;On-the-job applicants should pay attention to confidentiality, so as not to affect the candidates。

Third, the object of background check

All the management personnel to be hired by the company should be transferred back, but according to different positions, the back transfer should be focused on the key positions of people management, financial management, property management and middle and senior management personnel。

4. Process of background investigation

1Determine your needs according to the position you are applying forBackground checkThe content and manner of;

2Inform the candidate about the need for him/She conducts background checks;

3Obtain all kinds of original information about the candidate and additional information resources required;

4Conduct background checks on employees;

5Fill in the background investigation form;

6Make a judgment through a background check。

5. The way of background investigation

Background check methods for general management positions:

1Telephone verification: applicable to all managers, can be used to verify academic credentials, work experience, etc。The way to obtain a phone number is summarized as follows:

1The contact number provided by the applicant on the job application form;

2)通过114Check the phone number of the applicant's original company department or personnel department;

3Obtain the phone number of the department or personnel department of the applicant's original company website or major recruitment websites;

4) Ask the candidate directly。

2Field investigation: mainly for applying for senior management positions, suitable for candidates who have terminated the labor contract with the original unit and are in the same city or in close distance。

3Online search: suitable for finding job seekers' original unit information and education certificate;Xuexin network can be used for inspection2000After the graduation of the graduates/Certificate of degree。

Due to the special position of senior management personnel, if there is any problem, it will cause heavy losses and adverse effects to the company。Therefore, they should have higher standards and requirements than general managers。Therefore, in addition to the general staff of the back methods, but also pay attention to the following points:

1) To middle and high levelManagerial personnelThe back tone, from the office experience, generally should not be less than3A recent employer;In terms of time span,5The positions engaged in within the year should be included in the scope of back transfer;

2In order to ensure the authenticity and credibility of the back transfer situation, the main leaders of the original unit and the head of the personnel department should be asked to obtain evidence;

3Back tone, found in doubt, must clarify the truth, leave no doubt;If the back of the phone is not clear, according to the nature of the problem, apply to send someone to the door for investigation and verification;

4)做好360Degree of professional background investigation: refers to a comprehensive, three-dimensional background investigation。For example, a sales director, when we investigate, the scope of the survey will involve:Superiors, subordinates,

Peer, client, company president, HR departmentSeveral departments that have more contact with the sales director。In this way, the latitude of the sales director's investigation is guaranteed。If everyone's evaluation of them is more consistent, then the problem will be basically clarified。

Content of background investigation

Background investigation content should be concise and practical as the principle, concise content is to control the workload of background investigation, reduce the investigation cost, shorten the investigation time。The contents of the general investigation are divided into two categories: one is the general items, such as the authenticity of the graduation certificate, the validity of the qualification certificate;The second is authenticity in terms of work experience, skills and performance。Background checks for management positions cover the following:

1Certificate of education/Degree certificate;

2Working hours in the original unit;

3Whether it is true to work in the original unit;

4Work performance;

5What is your character like;

6Get along with former colleagues;

7What are its advantages and disadvantages;

8, salary level;

9Reason and time of resignation;

10Whether the labor relationship is terminated。

7. Fill in the Background Investigation Form

After the background investigation is completed, the Background Investigation Form should be filled out uniformly.(See annex I)Report to the leader for review, determine whether the final employment, and as the employee's historical data, the personnel department is responsible for filing。Attention should be paid to the filling of the form: the form should be complete and accurate, no items should be omitted, and all information learned in the process of investigation should be recorded;Fill in the survey results, should cover the content of the survey;The position of the other party should be shown so that the credibility of the information provided by the other party can be judged。

Viii. Precautions

1For high-level management positions that need to be transferred back to the door, it is best to sign a "background investigation authorization letter" with the respondent in advance, which not only shows respect for the person being transferred, but also can be used as a powerful authorization proof to persuade the object of consultation to accept the inquiry。

2Familiar with the background information related to the person being transferred, find the starting point of the back tone;

3According to the position applied by the transferred person and the company's employment requirements for the position, determine the key content of the back adjustment, according to the back adjustment table, gradually investigate and make records;

4 In order to prevent the other party from calling back to check, it is best to use a mobile phone or a phone that is not registered with the telecommunications office。

5What method to take for investigation should depend on the actual situation, flexible use, do not have to stick to a form。

6The operation specification must be implemented to the relevant responsible person, and the responsible person can learn the back;

7During the investigation, no matter whether the object of the investigation has quit or not, try not to disclose the real identity;

8When conducting background checks for those who are still employed, they should pay attention to the confidentiality of job seekers and be extra careful when conducting investigations

Above isMedical headhunterA summary of the background check methods and precautions for candidates。See if you care more about the investigation before the use of people?

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